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Latest DCS systems offer extended features, which provide optimization opportunities. DCS upgrades are commonly performed due to obsolescence of the current control systems (DCS or other). Typical DCS upgrade projects are performed on the basis of iso-functionality. However, it is hardly ever efficient operating in such a way. Indeed, control systems designs in previous generation control systems were built given the performance available at the time. Workarounds, approximations, using high cycle times were therefore built-in. Implementing with a 1 to 1 approach for a DCS Upgrade is therefore commonly not the most adequate approach to a most successful implementation. CPC Engineering prefers a much different approach, by going back to the initial functional design intent, mastering the process controls requirement, adapting it to the new DCS systems, and therefore implementing a re-engineered and up to date best practices in the new DCS control systems.

Furthermore, typically, CPC Engineering proposes as optional integrating a process control optimization scope for DCS upgrades projects.

Over the years, CPC Engineering has developed DCS Upgrade applications, with the following features:

  • Automatic Mapping features between legacy and new DCS system control structure
  • Automated DCS design between legacy and new DCS system
  • Automatic discrepancy report generation
  • Fit for Purpose DCS based simulator to prove re-engineered control structure, as well as reducing start-up time

CPC Engineering has specialized in ABB DCS Upgrades, and may support any given DCS upgrades.

The scope provided by CPC Engineering offers shorter ROI, as well as guaranteeing enhanced plant stability and efficiency at start-up.


CPC ENGINEERING is a company of control system consultants specialising in the design, implementation, optimisation and maintenance of (advanced) process control applications for the petro-Chemical, Chemical and GTL Industry worldwide.

CPC ENGINEERING engineers have extensive experience in The middle East, Asia, Russia, the CIS countries, Southern Africa as well as Europe including major process control projects, where they have generally occupied the position of technical team leader and engineering manager.


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