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Technical staff and operators are key assets to increased efficiency of a process plant.

Control systems and Process controls engineering have become ever more complex as technology evolves. Control systems engineers throughout the world need to capture far more knowledge than before. Control algorithms, although still based on the same basic algorithms than 40 years ago, have evolved, and provide enhanced features.

Advanced PID features, Advanced split ranges, etc... All these advanced features provide the means to build more reliable, flexible and stable process controls. CPC Engineering was involved in DCS designs at the turn of the century for ABB Melody DCS. Based on this unique experience, CPC Engineering has developed a series of control systems & Optimization courses:

Control systems overview training

Aimed at junior control systems engineer, systems technicians and process engineers willing to understand the fundamentals of control systems architecture and process controls:

  • P&ID basics
  • C&E diagrams and logic diagrams
  • Control systems architecture in the process industry
  • Basic control concepts: Feedback and feedforward controls, cascade control (master/slave), control loop tuning, load sharing

Control systems advanced training

Aimed at senior control systems engineers willing to understand how to build in stability and reliability in their process. This course is based on case studies such as:

  • Boiler control
  • Compressor controls
  • Slug management controls

Process optimization training

Aimed at senior control systems engineers willing to understand how to build in stability and reliability in their process

  • Steam network optimization opportunities
  • Compressor controls optimization (series and parallel operations, switching, load sharing,...)
  • GTL plant optimization

Training courses are available on request and provided for the petro-chemical, chemical and energy industry players. The training provided are compiled based on customer requirement, after an initial plant survey, in order to best grasp training needs, to focus on the highlighted concerns, and to agree upon areas of improvement.


CPC ENGINEERING is a company of control system consultants specialising in the design, implementation, optimisation and maintenance of (advanced) process control applications for the petro-Chemical, Chemical and GTL Industry worldwide.

CPC ENGINEERING engineers have extensive experience in The middle East, Asia, Russia, the CIS countries, Southern Africa as well as Europe including major process control projects, where they have generally occupied the position of technical team leader and engineering manager.


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