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Building Simulation is always a challenging aspect of all control systems related projects. No 2 processes are identical, depending highly on the process requirements from the process engineering department of each and every customer.

Working hand in hand with the customer is therefore essential to build an efficient Dynamic Simulation. CPC Engineering has taken a slightly different approach to other providers by developing the dynamic simulation within the control systems of the customer. This has 2 main advantages:

  • Reducing the cost of ownership of the dynamic process simulation.
  • Not requiring any cabling and/or powering of external equipment and therefore rending it much more efficient and portable.

Process simulation can therefore be built and tested within CPC Engineering offices, used during FIT, and the very next minute implemented inside the customer control systems for FAT, without any requirement other than loading the algorithms inside the control systems.

CPC Engineering may provide, upon request, Dynamic Process simulation for basically any type of process, and on a broad range of controls systems. CPC Engineering guarantees the final result by implementation and testing the dynamic simulation on customer Controls systems at customer location.

Insight of CPC Engineering expertise:

  • Dynamic simulation of a compressor, its suction and discharge headers and a recycle loop
  • Dynamic simulation of the steam systems of the 2 biggest FischerTropsch CTL plants (coal-to-liquid process are heavy steam consumers)
  • Extension of the above model to the process units, modeling of future planned units, analysis of impact of these units on factory operation
  • Basic simulation of process within control systems to ensure smooth commissioning and operator training
  • Dynamic simulation of a Gas network and a Condensate network on a multi-feed offshore Platform (heterogeneous pressure and flow rate profiles).
  • Dynamic simulation of Gas compression module (2 multi-stages compressors operable in series and parallel, with automatic switchover and pressure profile shifting) on offshore Platform.
  • Dynamic simulation of Gas compression module on power gas turbines
  • And many more… 


CPC ENGINEERING is a company of control system consultants specialising in the design, implementation, optimisation and maintenance of (advanced) process control applications for the petro-Chemical, Chemical and GTL Industry worldwide.

CPC ENGINEERING engineers have extensive experience in The middle East, Asia, Russia, the CIS countries, Southern Africa as well as Europe including major process control projects, where they have generally occupied the position of technical team leader and engineering manager.


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